The new-generation card

    Used on many products in the CkSquare range, the TB03 board replaces the TB02, with more integrated functions.

  • MYOSIS 30M

    The mastodon: 30-order payment center


    This card allows simultaneous payment and control of 30 independent machines. It manages all means of payment.


    A simple, versatile interface and management board!


    This electronic board is easy to install thanks to its small size and accessories such as DIN rail mounting brackets or eyelets.

    It directly manages an acceptor, a cashless reader (MDB), a barcode reader and a contactless CB payment terminal!

    Control is via 2 dry-contact relays and two 24VDC inputs for status feedback to inform the customer or disable the device.

    CK-WASH and Finance Act compatibility

    Connect all your points of sale! CK-LINK is
    CK-WASH ready!

    The data is stored on a server and managed in accordance with the French VAT fraud law (see dedicated section).

    Consult your sales history, display activity graphs and show statistics to implement your sales strategy.

    Happy hours, discounts, badge user tracking – welcome to the era of remote marketing and business management!



    A versatile control board!


    Equivalent to a small PLC, its specialized connectors simplify wiring. Its elaborate level of functionality makes it ideal for a wide range of situations. Its small size makes it easy to integrate.


    A DIN-rail mounting option is available thanks to the profiled plastic housing.


    The Badgic VP3 card is specially designed to control a high-pressure track with variable time management, but can also be used as a gantry management card.

    To meet demand, we have increased the number of selections to 10.


    This card is compatible with CK-WASH