The mastodon: 30-order payment center


This card allows simultaneous payment and control of 30 independent machines. It manages all means of payment.

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Technical specifications :

Dimension(LxWxH) 175 x 1250 x 45 in mm
Buzzer 1 buzzer to emit beeps
Date/Time 1 Real Time Clock with backup battery
Controls 30 external voltage commands (AC, 48 V DC) or dry contacts. Individual jumper configuration = 4 independent 24VDC controls
Returns 20 octo-coupled 24VDC feedbacks associated with the machine to know its status. 4 independent 24VDC returns.
Buttons and indicators Controls 16 illuminated buttons (5VDC voltage supplied) with independent LED-button connectors.
Controls 16 buttons, 8 with LEDs.
Cctalk and Mbd 6 cctalk busses for connecting CCTALK peripherals (hopper, ticket reader, voice card) and mdb bus for change machine and ticket reader

Payment and order center

This card manages 30 independent machines using conventional means of payment (coins, banknotes, private purse, bank card). You can use the 16 selection buttons or the matrix keyboard to select a machine. Selections can be used to order a machine, but also to buy a private card, tokens...

Remote access via web server

A mini web server enables remote configuration and operation of the payment and order center. You can remotely disable a machine, start it up, credit the central unit, and view payment histories.