The adventure began in 2003 for CkSquare, which was then called cbsquare. The company is setting up its premises in Clermont (63) in a business incubator, and is already positioning itself in the carwash sector through its range of token dispensers and its maintenance and technical pole, which will include Parkeon and La Poste among its main customers.


CbSquare becomes CkSquare and expands its product range with its gantry payment terminals, leaving the incubator to move into its own premises in Clermont-Ferrand.


CkSquare continues to grow in the electronic payment sector, strengthening its product range with high-pressure desks, cashless payment systems and new electronic cards.


CkSquare strengthens its relationships and partnerships with key players in the electronic payment sector and invests in its own premises in Romagnat.


A new adventure begins with Erhse (Entreprise Humaine en Sous-traitance Electronique). This integration company was set up by a former CKsquare employee on our premises.
Ehrse is fulfilling its social mission with flying colors, and plays a full part in the success of CKsquare. It offers us unrivalled responsiveness.


CkSquare continues to expand, acquiring its own SMD line which will enable it to manufacture its own electronic boards independently.


CkSquare looks to the future and embraces innovation and new technologies. With a team of 7 IT developers, CkSquare plans to take its digital turn.

2015 also saw a new re-structuring. A holding company was born: “Le Petit Poucet” or LPP. With these 2 new sisters, the group is getting organized. Mecasystem International manufactures the boxes and M-INNOV markets the products in new markets (service areas, hotels, parking lots, etc.).


The Myosis range of payment terminals is on track. With a range of 5 kiosks, Cksquare is a major player in the laundry market.
The company’s after-sales service center has reached maturity, with permanent support from 4 high-performance technicians.


In-depth IT development efforts go into production, such as the global CK-Wash system, which took over 2 years to develop.


CkSquare has more than 30 employees to continue innovating in new technologies and meeting our customers’ demands.