• Pupinox Recessed

    A simple control panel

    The Pupinox presented in this section (high pressure) is fully adapted to the control of a gantry washer. Simple and economical, this model offers coin, token, loyalty card and contactless* payment.

    *No ticket

  • Pupinox en Applique

    Contactless payment at last
    in your carwash


    Offer your customers a simple, innovative means of payment: CONTACTLESS payment with the new PUPINOX SC terminal.


    • Vandal-proof selection buttons with illuminated crown.
    • Large display.
    • Contactless CB payment only
    • Payment in coins/tokens/loyalty badges
    • ADSL or GPRS
    • Gantry drives or HP tracks

    Assets :

    Simplicity for growth

    Easy to use, the customer swipes his or her bank card over the contactless reader to credit the desk with an amount defined by the customer (e.g. €2).
    In the same way as for coins, tokens and badges, the selections available for the credit reached light up.
    The customer can then use the selections.
    He can then swipe his card to recredit the device.
    A higher debit amount can be set, assuming that the customer will be able to complete a full wash (e.g. €5).