• LEM control unit – LCD Recessed Medium

    A simple, robust and connected control unit!


    The Myosis LEM flush-mounted payment station can manage up to 30 devices.

    Selections are made either via 13 luminous, vandal-proof buttons or via a matrix keypad.

    The box is made of white epoxy-painted stainless steel, and the silk-screen print can be customized!


    Stay connected! Remote management allows you to :

    • Consult your sales and verify transactions
    • Troubleshoot your customers’ problems remotely and receive e-mail alerts and meter readings


    Assets :

    • Ease of use and payment
    • An LCD display guides the customer
    • Contactless payment option makes payment quick and easy
    • The loyalty system option allows you to build customer loyalty and attract professionals.
  • Box CB

    Contactless CB kit

    CK-LINK lets you add contactless CB payment to existing equipment. We
    offers a range of integration kits and accessories.
    Below is the CB box, an INOX316L box ready to be connected to your equipment.