Myosis LEM – Built-in, connected payment station!

A simple, robust and connected control unit!


The Myosis LEM flush-mounted payment station can manage up to 30 devices.

Selections are made either via 13 luminous, vandal-proof buttons or via a matrix keypad.

The box is made of white epoxy-painted stainless steel, and the silk-screen print can be customized!


Stay connected! Remote management allows you to :

  • Consult your sales and verify transactions
  • Troubleshoot your customers’ problems remotely and receive e-mail alerts and meter readings


Assets :

  • Ease of use and payment
  • An LCD display guides the customer
  • Contactless payment option makes payment quick and easy
  • The loyalty system option allows you to build customer loyalty and attract professionals.
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Technical specifications :

Dimensions and weights 76 x 46 x 36 (HxWxD in cm) Weight: 35 kg
Installation Recessed
Security Hinged rear door with 3-point locking system
Supply voltage Power supply 230-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Two-pole circuit breaker and lightning filter Overvoltage and short-circuit protection (1 amp 240VAC fuse)
Display and selections 4-line, 20-character backlit LCD display
16 buttons and 8 LEDs or front-panel matrix keypad and optional internal configuration console
An electronic control board Robust, tropicalized board for use in harsh environments (heat and humidity). It has 30 commands (5A relays) and 20 returns (opto-coupled), and can be configured via the web interface.

Loyalty card distribution :

Distribute pre-loaded self-service loyalty cards to equip your customers.

Shock detector and alarm :

Vibration detector with adjustable sensitivity. When an attack is detected, a siren is activated to scare off vandals.

Voice system :

A voice system can be installed as an option for better understanding when making selections.

Ticket reader :

NV9 reader/stacker with 300-bill storage capacity.

Bank terminal :

Card-insertion and contactless payment (contactless payment only available).

Loyalty system :

Badgic-Reader MDB subscription reader.


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