Pupinox Recessed

A simple control panel

The Pupinox presented in this section (high pressure) is fully adapted to the control of a gantry washer. Simple and economical, this model offers coin, token, loyalty card and contactless* payment.

*No ticket

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Technical specifications :

Dimensions and weights Chest (H x W x D): 54 x 34 x 24 Feet (H x W): 60 x 40
21 kg
Material Stainless steel 316 L, thickness 20/10, epoxy-painted in metal grey; foot optional
Supply voltage 24VDC version
Filters and overvoltage Equipped with overvoltage protection and interference filter 230VAC or 24VDC
Waterproofing Designed and protected from direct water splashes
Heating and thermostat 24VAC-DC heater with adjustable thermostat for frost and humidity protection
Electronic board Equipped with Badgic VP3 electronic board 10 buttons / 10 LEDs / 4 feedbacks
Display 4L20C LCD display showing credit, time, and configurable texts for selections and inhibitions
Buttons Up to 8 IP67 buttons (submersible) illuminated crown and plug-in connector
Selections Controls up to 10 programs in parallel or in binary mode. Max 30VDC
Back 4 24VDC feedbacks control the availability of the appliance (washing return in operation, emergency stop, etc.)