The new-generation card

Used on many products in the CkSquare range, the TB03 board replaces the TB02, with more integrated functions.

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Technical specifications :

Dimensions 190 x 100 x 60 in mm
Supply voltage 24VDC
Returns 4 independent 24VDC returns
Controls 6 dry-contact relays with 1 common and 2 independent controls
Display Integrated 2-line 16-character display
Buttons 8 navigation buttons to configure or view information locally
Ethernet 1 Ethernet connector for LAN or Internet access (viewing and configuration)
GPRS modem Remote access is possible with the GPRS modem option. So you don’t need to have ADSL.
Acceptor Drives an RM5-type acceptor (10-pin connector)
Player Drives the BadgicReader from CKSQUARE
Drives the EuroKey Next reader as an MDB