A versatile control board!


Equivalent to a small PLC, its specialized connectors simplify wiring. Its elaborate level of functionality makes it ideal for a wide range of situations. Its small size makes it easy to integrate.


A DIN-rail mounting option is available thanks to the profiled plastic housing.


The Badgic VP3 card is specially designed to control a high-pressure track with variable time management, but can also be used as a gantry management card.

To meet demand, we have increased the number of selections to 10.


This card is compatible with CK-WASH

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Technical specifications :

Dimension(LxWxH) 74x89x25 in mm (optional din rail support or eyelet mounting, see photos)
Supply voltage 24V DC
Configuration USB (CKconfig Manager tool) or ethernet Rj45 (web interface)
Buzzer 1 buzzer to emit sounds
Date/Time 1 Real Time Clock with backup battery
Inputs/outputs 2 dry-contact controls: 2 dry-contact relays (max 2A at 24 VDC) and 2 24VDC status information inputs
Compatible options Coin acceptor (parallel), Cashless MDB reader (e.g. Badgic reader), Credit card terminal (serial), Barcode reader (serial), Display (CCTALK), Shock detector (tilt)
Buttons and indicators 3-button illuminated 24VDC driver (voltage supplied)

The programs :

each selection controls one or more relays simultaneously. The rate and time base are defined by selection. It is possible to switch from one selection to another, relays are modified and the remaining time is recalculated with each change. We've added the ability to manage inter-control times to stagger the opening of solenoid valves and pumps to avoid overpressure points, for example. When parts are inserted, the available selection buttons flash.

Loyalty cards or keys :

when a key or card is inserted, the credit is displayed and all available buttons flash. The debit amount is adjustable (e.g. 0.20€) and renewal can be automatic at the end of the time.

Return value :

a return is associated with channel 7 of the coiner configuration. An amount can be linked to an impulse for interfacing. Example: each impulse credits the terminal with 1€.

Coin suction :

The card can handle coin suction. Each inserted part generates a pulse of configurable duration on a dry contact control.

Remote meters :

the badgic VP3 card has 4 channels for transmitting metering data to a PLC or directly controlling electromechanical meters. Each channel is associated with a different type of payment (Token, Coin 1E 2E, Key or Card).