• Startbox Evo Color Tactile

    A new color touchscreen version


    To meet your every need, we’re expanding our range of control terminals with the arrival of an improved version of the Startbox Evo.
    With the integration of an 8” color touch screen, we offer an attractive display and navigation interface.
    In this way, we’re adding new possibilities such as dynamic text and color changes, and the highlighting of promotions/information.
    STARTBOX EVO COLOR TACTILE is an excellent compromise between Startbox EVO, Startbox EVO Color and Startbox TOUCH.
    Its wide-format touchscreen display has been specially selected for the best user experience.
    This model offers the same options as the standard STARTBOX EVO COLOR. It is available as a portal controller, token dispenser or mixed version.



  • Myosis Micro LAP – The connected mini pay station!

    A power plant dedicated to micro laundries!


    Control up to 3 machines with this optimized, cost-effective control unit. It meets the space constraints of small premises (campsites, student residences, etc.).

    The unique contactless bankcard payment method makes it easy for you to use without having to manage change!

    An LCD display guides the customer and 3 buttons allow machine selection. You can customize the texts to suit your business or your foreign clientele.

    Stay connected! Remote management allows you to :

      A WEB interface accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer and your Internet browser enables you to connect to the control center. From the reception desk, you can check the status of your machines and help your customers!

    • Consult your sales and check transactions
    • Troubleshoot your customers’ problems remotely and receive e-mail alerts as well as your meters
    • View machine status live
    • Configure your control unit


  • Centrale TEP – Tactile Recessed Small

    The compact, versatile T.E.P. unit adapts perfectly to a variety of configurations, making it ideal for laundries and student residences. Its innovative touchscreen allows machines to be grouped together for simplified operation, optimizing space without sacrificing the number of machines available.

    Stay connected with remote management:

    • Sales monitoring: Consult your sales in real time and verify transactions for optimal financial management.
    • Remote management: Troubleshoot without leaving your premises, and receive alerts and meter reports directly by email, enabling you to react quickly and efficiently to any incident.

    These features ensure smooth management and an enhanced user experience, boosting the reliability and efficiency of your operations.

  • Master Evo Color Tactile

    Robustness at the service of your strategy


    The MASTER dispenser is the most complete in the range. Its large format allows the installation of 3 dispensing peripherals and numerous catalog options.


    Its robust design and LED lighting make it a sure bet for your business.


    MASTER CHANGE: a high-capacity money changer with up to 3 hoppers and subscription refill.

    MASTER START: an order terminal for gantry washers: 8 selections payable by credit card, with all other payment methods optional. Self-service payment and recharging facilities.
    (see gantry section)

  • Myosis LAP – Compact, connected payment center!

    Robustness at the service of your strategy

    A small payment center capable of controlling up to 15 machines. Choose your means of payment: coins, contactless bank card or subscription card. Thanks to its numerous parameters, the central payment unit can be adapted to any situation (impulse, maintained command, occupancy return, out-of-service return, etc.).


    Stay connected! Remote management allows you to :

    • Consult your sales and check transactions
    • Troubleshoot your customers’ problems remotely and receive e-mail alerts as well as your meters


  • Centrale TAM 8 pouces – Tactile Applique Moyenne


    The T.A.M payment center offers a wide choice of configurations. It combines robustness and ease of operation. Thanks to its 8″ touch screen, the T.A.M. central unit can boost your sales and increase your average basket with commercial proposals.

  • Opti-Change : Money Changer

    Simple, user-friendly token changer or dispenser


    A simple, effective token/coin dispenser

    Assets :

    • A simple, efficient dispenser: your customer inserts a ticket and automatically retrieves the preset quantities of tokens or coins. The bonus is defined by the operator.
    • Maximum safety and reliability: with a 4mm thick, baked-on stainless steel front panel, your dispenser is built to last. The alarm option deters any attack.
    • Space-saving: compact dimensions for easy integration in your equipment room.
    • Worry-free accounting and configuration: counters are displayed and configuration carried out via a menu accessible at the touch of a button.
    • Designed to simplify your life:
      -direct bin replenishment
      -automatic counter printing
      -Ticket readers, 2 return bins
  • 8-inch TEM control unit – Tactile Recessed Medium

    Discover the T.E.M. payment center, a robust and intuitive tool designed to maximize the efficiency of your business. Thanks to its versatility, it offers a wide range of configurations to suit your specific needs.


    Enhance your sales with ease: Equipped with an 8″ touch screen, the T.E.M. central unit not only facilitates transactions, it also boosts your sales. Take advantage of its advanced features to propose attractive commercial offers that will increase your average shopping basket.


    Robustness and ease of operation: designed to withstand the most demanding environments, the T.E.M. control unit ensures trouble-free operation. Its user-friendly interface guarantees a pleasant and efficient experience for all your customers.

  • Startbox Touch Plus

    Versatility to support your strategy


    Robust and bright, the Startbox Shop touchscreen version meets a wide range of needs while combining safety and flexibility of use.

    Assets :

    • Integrated cap with accent lighting.
    • Illuminated sign with customizable text.
    • Auxiliary lighting on the front using 24 VDC white LEDs.
    • Large-format 15″ touchscreen display, mounted vertically for improved ergonomics and ease of use.
    • High-brightness screen.
    • Numerous payment options (contactless CB, tickets, QR codes, etc.).
    • Depending on your configuration, a maximum of 6 product dispensers (3 different sizes) can be installed, with 2 hopper slots.
    • Collect your tokens and products.
    • Sebile lighting for a better overview of products and tokens when ordering.
    • Depending on your configuration, 2 token and/or coin dispensers, card/key dispensers and 3 product dispensers can be installed.