Myosis LAM – Solid, connected payment center!

A simple, robust and connected control unit!

Its sturdy, ergonomic design, white epoxy-painted stainless steel case and reinforced locking system make it a reliable, long-lasting work tool.
The Myosis LAM payment center can manage up to 30 devices.

Modular and versatile, it offers a multitude of options. Build your payment center according to your needs and strategy.

Personalize your power station with the image of your laundry by choosing the “personalized sticker” option.

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Technical specifications :

Dimensions and weights 57 x 40.5 x 29 (HxWxD in cm) Weight: 35 kg
Installation Surface-mounted or semi-recessed
Security Reinforced piano hinge with 5-point rack-and-pinion closure
Supply voltage Power supply 230-240VAC 50/60 Hz
Two-pole circuit breaker and lightning filter Overvoltage and short-circuit protection (1 amp 240VAC fuse)
electronic control board Myosis 30M card

  • By default, this card controls 30 commands (5A relays) and 20 returns (opto-coupled) for busy or fault returns. No more additional cards! I/Os are organized by machine using a large 5-pin (5.08) plug-in terminal block.
  • 4 24VDC controls and 4 independent feedbacks for managing external peripherals (doors, lights, etc.)

All our cards are pin-coated to withstand harsh environments (heat and humidity).

Display Backlit 4-line LCD display, 20 characters in series to avoid interference.
numeric keypad
Depending on the number of machines and your preference, machines can be selected either via buttons or a numeric keypad.

  • The Myosis 30 card manages up to 16 mechanical buttons with a diameter of 19 mm and a luminous crown. The selected machine flashes and the buttons associated with machines in operation remain lit. To facilitate maintenance operations, the buttons are fitted with a plug-in terminal block.
  • A vandal-proof stainless steel keypad that lets you select machines with a 2-digit number. Above 16 machines, the numeric keypad is mandatory.

Payment methods :

Parts payment NRI G46 coin-operated changer (MDB protocol)
Equipped with 6 tubes, this coiner offers one of the highest coin yields in its category. It is also possible to program, accept and tube tokens.
Payment by banknote NV9 banknote reader
The simplicity and reliability of this banknote reader is well proven. Inserting a ticket is exceptionally easy. The bills can be inserted in any direction, with shifts to the right and left … the bill is always recognized. It boasts a very high level of security, with an anti-fishing system that prevents tickets from being recovered after validation. Counterfeit detection is a very serious business. We’ve tested many, many counterfeit bills and never failed.
Contactless CB payment Ingenico CB contactless reader I180 and IUC150 EMV 5.5
Contactless Cb payment is without doubt the fastest and easiest way to pay. When a machine doesn’t start up after a payment, and to respond to a customer’s legitimate concerns, a specialized history can be used to verify the reality of the CB sale. This history can be consulted remotely from a computer or telephone.
CB code payment
+ contactless
Ingenico CB IUP250 + IUC150 EMV 5.5 reader
Cb code payment overcomes the limitations of contactless CB. For example, it can be used to make payments of over €30. (loading a private card). The addition of the code system ensures 100% card payments
Private card
loyalty card
Badgic Reader contactless Mifare reader.
Adding a badgic reader enables you to activate several functions. You can choose from different badge types. There are credit (electronic purse), loyalty and billing badges. This system is available in 2 operating modes: local or connected. In the first case, the information is located in the badge, while in the other, the information is stored on our servers.

Shock detector and alarm :

Vibration detector with adjustable sensitivity. When an attack is detected, a siren is activated to scare off vandals.

Voice system :

A voice system can be installed as an option for better understanding when making selections.

Ticket reader :

NV9 reader/stacker with 300-bill storage capacity.

Bank terminal :

Card-insertion and contactless payment (contactless payment only available).

Loyalty system :

Badgic-Reader MDB subscription reader.


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