Optimum SR

A rapidly available distributor at an attractive price

The Optimum SR is an easy-to-use token or card dispenser. With its reasonable weight and optimized width, the Optimum SR is easy to integrate.
Selections are displayed on the screen with prices and quantity dispensed. Texts are editable.


The essentials in a simple, compact terminal.
Selections are made using 6 stainless steel pushbuttons.

Equipped with contactless CB reader as standard.

We offer this model in series to guarantee fast availability with departure <72h and an attractive price.

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Technical specifications :

Dimensions and weights Case (H x W x D): 72 x 28 x 36 Front (H x W): 79 x 38
Weight 40 kg
Flush-mounted Flush-mounted bollard with 1-point security opening at rear
Front and window 30 mm thick 430 stainless steel10 epoxy-painted white
Supply voltage 230 VAC version
Filters and Surge Protectors Equipped with overvoltage protection, 2 mains interference filters and a fuse
Sébile Large stainless steel beaker for collecting tokens
Lighting 24V white LED front lighting
Heating and thermostat 24VAC-DC 20W heater and adjustable thermostat for frost and humidity protection
Electronic board 1 TB03 multi-function electronic board
Display and selections 4-line LCD display with 6 buttons (SR) 19 mm stainless steel
Printer 60mm thermal printer for CB bills