Timer card with display management, acceptor, subscription and relay cards (6 relays)


    This 24 AC or DC-powered display card directly manages an acceptor and a subscription card, and controls six electro-mechanical meters. Equipped with a dry contact and inhibition feedback, it can be used to send pulses or maintain a contact over a period of time. Size and all-in-one design simplify your installations.


    Robustness at the service of your strategy

    A central payment system that controls up to 30 machines with feedback. Payment is by coin or season ticket. With its user-friendly, flexible configuration, the central payment unit adapts to any situation (impulse, maintained command, occupancy return, out-of-service return, etc.).

  • Ck-Shop : Distributor of products

    The self-service store designed
    for car washes!



    • The CK-SHOP is a self-service store that meets the needs of your customers.
    • It’s a new tool for increasing your sales.
    • This device is two in one: at last, a real commercial function for your token dispenser.

    Assets :

    • CK-SHOP has two functions: a store and a token dispenser. Means of payment are pooled, reducing overall purchasing costs.
    • CK-SHOP enables commercial synergies: when you buy tokens, you can offer to sell a promotional product, or vice-versa.
    • CK-SHOP accepts both traditional and innovative payment methods. He gives change.
    • All products are displayed on the front of the store, allowing customers to visualize their purchase directly.
    • The product is dispensed by a robotized cart: fragile products can be dispensed.
    • Multi-product, multi-format store: you choose the products you want to sell.
    • An attractive and pleasant store: LED lights attract your customers’ attention and the illuminated newspaper displays commercial offers.