Timer card with display management, acceptor, subscription and relay cards (6 relays)


This 24 AC or DC-powered display card directly manages an acceptor and a subscription card, and controls six electro-mechanical meters. Equipped with a dry contact and inhibition feedback, it can be used to send pulses or maintain a contact over a period of time. Size and all-in-one design simplify your installations.

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Technical specifications :

Dimension(LxWxH) 91x95x25 in mm (junction box format)
Supply voltage 24V DC or 24VAC(24VAC strict!)
Digits 4-digit display on opposite side of components
Buzzer 1 buzzer to emit beeps
Date/Time 1 Real Time Clock with backup battery
Controls 7 dry-contact controls: 1 dry-contact relay (max 5A at 48 VDC) and 6 electronic contacts (max 300mA at 24VDC)
Returns 2 octocoupled returns 24VDC
Buttons and indicators Drives 2 illuminated buttons with 5VDC (voltage supplied)

Timer functions

The card activates a command for a configurable time. Accumulation may be authorized. Times and prices are defined by payment method. Example: 2 euros in coins, 10 centimes in cards.

Loyalty cards or keys

When a key or card is inserted, the credit is displayed on 4 digits. The program amount is debited immediately on pressing the button or on insertion.

Remote meters

The badgic VT card is specialized for transmitting metering data to a PLC or directly controlling electromechanical meters. Each channel is associated with a different type of payment (token, €1/€2 coin, key or card). The same amount can generate pulses on several relays.

Coin suction

Each inserted part generates a pulse of configurable duration on a dry contact control.

Gantry application

A special program allows the badgic VT card to be used to control a gantry washer (6 selections). The amount entered defines the program to be started. The customer starts the program by pressing an illuminated button.