Ck-Shop : Distributor of products

The self-service store designed
for car washes!



  • The CK-SHOP is a self-service store that meets the needs of your customers.
  • It’s a new tool for increasing your sales.
  • This device is two in one: at last, a real commercial function for your token dispenser.

Assets :

  • CK-SHOP has two functions: a store and a token dispenser. Means of payment are pooled, reducing overall purchasing costs.
  • CK-SHOP enables commercial synergies: when you buy tokens, you can offer to sell a promotional product, or vice-versa.
  • CK-SHOP accepts both traditional and innovative payment methods. He gives change.
  • All products are displayed on the front of the store, allowing customers to visualize their purchase directly.
  • The product is dispensed by a robotized cart: fragile products can be dispensed.
  • Multi-product, multi-format store: you choose the products you want to sell.
  • An attractive and pleasant store: LED lights attract your customers’ attention and the illuminated newspaper displays commercial offers.
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Technical specifications :

Dimensions and weights Trunk (height x length x depth): 187 x 200 x 70 Weight: 650kg.
Material White epoxy-painted 430 stainless steel case.
Structure Aluminum – stainless steel structure.
Tray Tray (length x depth): 80 x 39 from 3 to 6 trays
Separators and drive systems
  • Push-button dispenser
  • Spiral feeder for blister packaging

Product features :

Maximum weight 1 kg max. (8 kg per row max.).
Maximum footprint Dimensions (height x length x depth): 28 x 10 x 10

Terminal and token dispenser :

Touch display Large 15″ capacitive touchscreen display
Coin-operated vending machine NRI 6 tubes
Ticket reader NV9 with Innovative technology stacker
Return tray for tokens and coins 1 money control Hopper MK4 (2 possible slots)
Credit card payment ingenico ISELF PCI-PTS 3.X compliant banking terminal
Contactless payment ISELF IUC180
Loyalty reader BadgicReader Cksquare or Eurokey next
Bar code reader Bar code promotion management
Voice assistance The terminal speaks and assists the customer

The CK-SHOP distributes multiple formats such as sprays, aerosols, bottles, air fresheners (packaging with hook format).

Each tray dispenses from 1 to 4 different products. Depending on the height of the unit, CK-SHOP can dispense 12 to 15 different products with a stock of ten or so (i.e. a maximum of 200 stocked products).

Loading is carried out from the right-hand side of the dispenser. Product changeover is simple: each product is framed by rails that simply need to be moved when the size or type of product changes. Barcode labels enable automatic product identification.

CK-SHOP has been designed to be robust: openings have been reduced to limit the possibility of vandalism. The polycarbonate display case is insulated from the stock.

Means of payment are kept in a double safe that does not allow access from the store.