• Linen bin – CK LOCKER LC

    Mini-pressing in your laundry

    Offer an innovative service in your laundromat.

    Your customers can drop off and pick up their laundry outside the normal opening hours of a laundromat or dry cleaner.

    They’re going to come precisely for this reason, whereas he couldn’t have had this service before.

    Several choices are available, depending on your activity. You can only choose to wash and dry, but it is possible to iron and even retouch.

    It is controlled from the CKSQUARE payment center and the CK Laundry application.

    Large lockers provide space for a basket and make organization easier.

    The front design is fully customizable.

  • CK Locker SR

    Your 24-hour outdoor mini-shop


    Offer an extra service on your station and stand out from the competition.


    With 23 backlit racks in the color of your choice, showcase professional laundry products and more!


    In this SR version, the lockers offer a space 20 cm deep, 20 cm wide and 28 cm high*.

    Spray, perfume, wipes, leather products, single or multiple products in the locker? You decide.**


    Interface and payment methods :

    In its stand-alone version, the customer selects and pays by bank/mobile card and loyalty card directly on the CK Locker. (22 free lockers)

    In its slave version, the payment interface is located on the touch-sensitive token dispenser! Take advantage of all possible payment methods.
    (23 free lockers).


    Need more lockers? In both cases, you can connect several CK Lockers to your system!


    *dimensions without cap (optional)
    ** non-temperature-controlled version

    With cap: H 237 x W 87 x D 62

  • Ckwash

    What is CKWASH?


    Real-time supervision of your business


    Centralization and remote management of all your equipment


    Remote troubleshooting, token distribution, gantry restart, etc.


    Promotional actions


    Pre-diagnosis in case of failure

  • Coin acceptor – CKSQUARE M20 4k

    Renowned for its quality and reliability in hostile environments, this electronic coiner combines robustness with easy programming via a program button or PC software.


    Able to adapt to most peripherals, it operates in 6-channel parallel mode and can be switched to CCTALK mode to accept up to 16 coins or tokens.


    It offers a high level of corrosion resistance thanks to its tropicalization and resists electromagnetic interference thanks to its Noryl polymer chassis.


    Its 3 pairs of optical sensors provide optimum discrimination to considerably reduce the risk of counterfeit coins or competing tokens.


    The cloning system enables configuration transfer in a matter of seconds, saving time in the field and enabling the operator to manage a stock of coin changers in advance.

  • Credit card payment integration kits

    Integrate credit card and mobile payment on your high-pressure tracks and peripherals.

    Mounting accessories ensure a beautiful finish, and our protection kit limits direct water splashes onto the drive.

  • Protective cover Billet

    The new reinforced protection for your ticket reader by CKSQUARE

    This cover protects your banknote reader from dust, moisture, weather and splashes.

  • Coin acceptor – MOD 10 and MOD 20

    Change the protocol from parallel to ccTalk and vice versa.

    Tropicalized electronics (suitable for outdoor use).

  • Acceptor protection cover

    The new reinforced protection for your coiner by CKSQUARE

    This cover protects your acceptor from dust, moisture, weather and splashes.
    Made of polycarbonate, it is shock- and scratch-resistant.