Detergent dispenser products

Vending machine available 24/7

The laundry dispenser, which can also distribute products, enables your operation to make additional sales. In addition to a machine, offer the most suitable detergent pod.

Thanks to its numerous trays, you can dispense without having to recharge the terminal every day.

It can also be controlled remotely. Check stocks of each product, or hand out a pod in the event of a customer dispute.

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Technical specifications :

Dimensions W 78 cm x H 108 cm x D 19.20 cm
Weight 50 kg
Material Galvanized steel painted white RAL 9010
Installation Surface-mounted, wall-mounted
Distribution 6 basic trays (8 optional)
Trays Adjustable trays to suit products
Recovery flap Anti-return
Security 8-point locking
Remote management Access the detergent dispenser to view stock levels and dispense detergent remotely from a smartphone or computer.
Mail alert Send an e-mail with the number of products in each tray


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