A simple console for recharging your badges or keys


This console lets you create, debit and reload badges. This console lets you define a wide range of badge-related functions. Create 2 different discount grids, an audit badge that records your coin, token and badge debit counters …

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Technical specifications :

Dimensions 100 x 180x 40 in mm
Supply voltage 9V DC
Display Integrated 4-line 16-character display
Membrane Enter amounts and navigate menus using the numeric keypad
Usb 1 usb connector. The console connects via USB to a computer (for viewing and configuration).
Player Drives the BadgicReader from CKSQUARE


This reader allows you to quickly create a series of badges with a default amount. The ID number is automatically incremented each time it is created.

Refill or debit

A debit or credit button is used to enter an amount. The operation takes place as soon as you pass by a Badgickey or BadgicCard. The numeric keypad lets you enter amounts to the nearest cent. When a printer is available, after an operation has been carried out, the console proposes the printing of 2 tickets (1 customer ticket, 1 operator ticket). The ticket shows the amount actually paid, including VAT and additional discount. The discount is calculated automatically using discount tables.

Discount tables

Several discount tables can be defined. Each table is associated with a number stored in the BadgicCard. Thanks to this number, and the insertion of a BadgicKey, a recharging station can offer different thresholds and percentages.


The console manages a system for opening and closing sessions in order to associate operations with a user. These operations are recorded in a history file.


Creations, reloads and flows are recorded in counters. The amount actually paid by the customer and the amount charged are dissociated to track payments.