Opti-Change : Money Changer

Simple, user-friendly token changer or dispenser


A simple, effective token/coin dispenser

Assets :

  • A simple, efficient dispenser: your customer inserts a ticket and automatically retrieves the preset quantities of tokens or coins. The bonus is defined by the operator.
  • Maximum safety and reliability: with a 4mm thick, baked-on stainless steel front panel, your dispenser is built to last. The alarm option deters any attack.
  • Space-saving: compact dimensions for easy integration in your equipment room.
  • Worry-free accounting and configuration: counters are displayed and configuration carried out via a menu accessible at the touch of a button.
  • Designed to simplify your life:
    -direct bin replenishment
    -automatic counter printing
    -Ticket readers, 2 return bins
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Technical specifications :

Dimensions and weights Case (H x W x D): 66 x 28 x 36, Front (H x W): 81 x 38 Weight: 40kg
Built-in Flush-mounted bollard with 1-point security opening at rear
Front and window White epoxy-painted stainless steel 340 L, thickness 3010
Supply voltage 230 VAC power supply



Dimensional drawing

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JETON "24h/24h" 24.30 x 1.92

FACE 1: "HIGH PRESSURE WASHING 24h/24h". FACE 2: "Washing - up to -20%". DIM: 24.30 x 1.92 mm MATERIAL: ALPACA 12

Price: to be defined according to quantity