NV10 is simple to use and easy for the user to apply, guaranteeing a high level of acceptance for banknotes of different currencies. Specific manufacturing features guarantee strength and long life. Powerful, advanced anti-fishing device prevents any attempt at fraud. The high-speed motors of the new acceptance device allow banknote validation to be completed in 3 seconds.

  • High acceptance and safety rates.
  • Fluorescent sensor capable of analyzing non-visible features.
  • Easy to control: opening is done with buttons, no tools required.
  • Kevlar drive belts for easy bill sliding.
  • Metal front plate to fit perfectly with the frameworks already installed for the NV5 model with a standard front plate.
  • Description


Technical specifications :

Dimensions and weights 119 x 86 x 166 mm / 550g
Supply voltage 12 Vdc +/- 10% (in versione MDB: min. 23 V – max 42 V)
Absorbed current 350 mA standby – 1 A acceptance
Power consumption 4.2 W at 12 Vdc (Standby)
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C – 5 to 95% non-condensing humidity
Tickets accepted Up to 82 x 160 mm
Recognizable tickets Up to 15 different banknote denominations in ccTalk, serial, pulse and binary control modes, 4 banknotes in parallel mode
Acceptance speed 3 seconds


Dimensional drawing