EVO centralized payment


The customer selects his suction track and proceeds to payment.
A remote button lights up on the chosen track and triggers suction.
A second button on the track allows you to offer a second service (e.g. souflette).
While a track is occupied, the corresponding button remains lit on the control unit to inform other users.


Coin and token acceptor
Contactless and mobile payment
RFID badgic reader and others Barcode reader


HAPPY HOURS: set up happy hours to energize normally off-peak times with special rates.
CODES-BARRES: Propose a bar code with
purchasing a program from the
gantry payment.
The ticket will be worth €2, for example.


Led animations
5-point locking
Illuminated “PAYMENT” banner
Second door opens from inside.

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– The interface

A simple, robust interface
Vandal-resistant stainless steel illuminated buttons
LCD display with white background for easy readability
Customize your texts on the silkscreen (optional)

– Versatility

Offer wash programs with vacuum token distribution.
Add distribution selections for mixed operation.

– The design

An optimized terminal
A laser-cut, backlit “PAYMENT” banner
Dynamic waterproof LEDs, animated according to context (e.g.: washing in progress = multi-colored flickering)

– Sturdiness

430 20/10 stainless steel / White epoxy paint
Rack and pinion fastener
316L stainless steel base plate
316L stainless steel weight sock


The basic version includes a contact banking terminal with thermal printer.
- Contactless CB reader
- Ticket reader
- Coin acceptor
- BADGIC READER subscription player
- Eurokey Next reader
- Connection via GPRS or ADSL
- QRCode barcode reader


- Coin or token return bins
- Card/key dispenser
- Voice system
- Shock sensor + alarm system
- Remote management and e-mail
- Inverter
- Protective cap
- Customized tokens
- Screen printing customization