Coin acceptor – CKSQUARE M20 4k

Renowned for its quality and reliability in hostile environments, this electronic coiner combines robustness with easy programming via a program button or PC software.


Able to adapt to most peripherals, it operates in 6-channel parallel mode and can be switched to CCTALK mode to accept up to 16 coins or tokens.


It offers a high level of corrosion resistance thanks to its tropicalization and resists electromagnetic interference thanks to its Noryl polymer chassis.


Its 3 pairs of optical sensors provide optimum discrimination to considerably reduce the risk of counterfeit coins or competing tokens.


The cloning system enables configuration transfer in a matter of seconds, saving time in the field and enabling the operator to manage a stock of coin changers in advance.

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Up to 16 different single pieces or tokens, ranging from 16mm to 32mm in diameter, and from 1 to 3.2mm in thickness


Active: With dual optical sensors controlling part flow / direction
Passive: Triple safety


3 pairs of optical sensors to measure part diameter and thickness
Inductive analog sensors
Hall-effect sensors with digital output for absolute protection against counterfeit coins


Durable Noryl main frame. An excellent electrical insulator, it has good resistance to impact and low temperatures and excellent stability. It withstands temperatures ranging from -40° to 120°.
Stainless steel reinforced parts chute


12-24 VDC
30mA (300mA on acceptance)
Tilt tolerance +/-10° in all directions
Operating temperature : -20° à 70°