Count or Cumulate: this module lets you count and value impulses. Entries are associated with editable labels.
History: meters are recorded by day and month
Alerts: monitoring and alert module via SMS or MAIL. The alert is triggered by a change of state
Connected to the module via ethernet, configuration is performed via your web browser.

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Technical specifications :

Dimension(LxWxH) 90x170x40 in mm
Supply voltage 24V DC
Returns 16 24VDC returns with common power supply
4 independently powered 24VDC returns
Controls 6 independent dry-contact relays
Display 2 lines 16 characters
Buttons 8-button 5VDC driver (voltage supplied)
Modem GPRS modem for text messaging and wireless connection
Sim card slot Sim card slot for GPRS connection
Antenna Rod antenna for GPRS system
Ethernet 1 Ethernet connector for LAN or Internet access (viewing and configuration)
USB key 1 connector for USB key (history recording)


The CT card manages 25 counters with modifiable labels. Each counter is associated with one or more returns. Counters are broken down by payment method.


There are 2 histories that save daily and monthly counters. These historical data are used for statistical purposes, and are appreciated for accounting purposes.


Each of the 20 returns can be associated with an alert system with its own label. You need to define its "normal" state and the duration before activation. The alert text is sent by e-mail and SMS.

Remote controls

Any of the 6 relays can be activated or deactivated via the Internet.

Consultation and configuration

Equipped with a mini web server, consultation and configuration can be carried out using a simple web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).