INGENICO Self 2000 and 4000 SELF RANGE

Compact, attractive and scalable all-in-one payment solution for indoor and outdoor self-service kiosks. It fits most Ck Square terminals.

Ingenico Self 2000 – Cksquare

Compact, attractive and scalable self-service contactless payment solution.

Ingenico Self 4000 – Cksquare

The Self/4000 includes all available functions in a very compact terminal.

in high-end modular configurations.


Cards accepted

Google Pay compatible and Apple Pay
Cards accepted

SLEF 2000 4000 connection

Ethernet or 4G modem

Sealing SELF 2000 and 4000 Ingenico Cksquare

Indoor installation or outside (SELF 2000 - IP65) (SELF 4000 - IP44)

Dimension SELF 2000 and 4000 Ingenico Cksquare

85 x 105 x 99.2 mm

The benefits

Accept all payment methods, including magnetic stripe cards, EMV, NFC/contactless payments

Enhance the customer experience with a first-class self-service solution, including a color screen, audible alerts and additional support for visually impaired customers

Simplify solution integration, operation and scalability

Reduce the complexity of implementing payment security measures, thanks to full PCI PTS v5 compliance