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    Refused cards

  • Transaction cancelled message

    • make a telecollection
    • If ok, check customer’s credit card
    • If error code / refer to error code sheet, switch off gprs modem or terminal for 5min then try again.
    • Note the error code and contact us
  • Mute card/track playback measurement

    • Clean the drive and if still h.s. contact us
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  • Paper jam

    • Check that the paper is not too thin
    • Check that the passageway is not obstructed by falls
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  • More displays
    • Check contrast
  • Display of strange characters
    • Restart the machine
    • If the characters disappear, monitor and check the cord.
    • If the characters are still present, please contact us
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  • Ticket refused
    • Clean the player as described in the operating instructions
    • If the drive is more than 5 years old, send it in for maintenance or replace it.
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  • No reading, no sign of operation
    • Check selvedge
    • Cross-test with another reader
  • Reading error
    • Check whether credit exceeds maximum credit
    • Check that the console is reading correctly
    • Check badge integrity, replace worn badge
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      Communications out of order

    • Check operating indicators

      • If the red light flashes every 3 seconds, the network signal is good.
      • If red is steady, the network signal is out of order.
        Switch off for 5 minutes, then check
      • If the green light is steady, then the RJ45 IP link is good.
      • Otherwise, check the serial and rj45 connections.


  • Check if you are up to date with your gprs payments

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    More access to the terminal

  • Check your communication type

    • GPRS = Check GPRS modem status
    • ADSL = Check status of IP ADSL communications
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  • Uplink and downlink communications out of order

    check that other ip equipment is working

    • If they don’t work, check your router
    • If they work, check the connection and the RJ45 link (with a PC, for example, from the terminal).
      Check that your ip monetique package payments are up to date
  • Downlink communications out of service only (e.g. remote access)

    • Check that your ip address is the same
    • Restart the router
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  • CKConfigManager

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