Ckwash – The passport to a connected station

Welcome to the world of Ckwash, the world of the connected station. With this cloud-based solution, you can monitor your business live and optimize it at the click of a button, simply and intuitively from your smartphone or tablet.
This solution lets you remotely manage all your equipment, from vacuum cleaners to gantries and dispensers. You can perform a variety of functions: switch your devices on and off, credit tokens remotely, restart your portal.
Ckwash enables you to collect useful data relating to your customers and corporate fleets (tracking of active badges, remaining badge credit, etc.) to enrich your database and trigger sales operations. With this tool, you can reinforce your marketing development through promotional actions (qrcode, mail, marketing, mobile couponing…) and maintain sales momentum.
A genuine control tool, Ckwash contributes to pre-diagnosis in the event of a machine breakdown.
It remains indispensable for remote control and live interaction.

Organize your daily life with ckwash

Connect and control all your appliances with intelligent Ckwash technology

Your station at your fingertips

A genuine management, operation, supervision and control tool, Ckwash is the intelligent solution for the connected station.

You can access all your sites, and view the status of all your peripherals via an interface that enables you to interact live and perform functions remotely, such as restarting a gate, or triggering the distribution of a token remotely.

Ckwash equipment
Ckwash equipment

“The connection at your station’s service

The ckwash application offers various navigation modules. The “Activity” tab lets you view all the consolidated data for your sites and related equipment.

It’s a mine of relevant information that can be consulted at any time: dashboards, statistics, histories, statements, journal closures.

Mandatory data to comply with the 2016 Finance Act

“The loyalty barometer

This module enables :
– create customer accounts
– tracking of individual customers
– view the number of active badges and remaining credits
– blacklist lost or stolen badges and transfer the old credit to the new badge.

Stored on secure servers, data can be accessed from any terminal, smartphone, tablet…

Ckwash equipment
Ckwash equipment

“Digital for promotions

Digital transformation is an opportunity for every operator to enrich their promotional development. Ckwash lets you collect, mix and combine information.

This data will be used to work on the customer’s promotional offer, either by personalizing offers, or by strengthening customer loyalty and commitment through targeted promotional campaigns.

“Enrich your customer database

A true supervision platform, this application is above all a passport to optimizing your organization and your business.

This data collection and centralization tool will enrich your CRM and open up new business horizons.

It’s an opportunity to strengthen your marketing development and create a sales dynamic through one-off promotional actions (e-mail marketing, mobile couponing, QR codes, etc.).

Ckwash equipment
Ckwash equipment

“The e-boutique at the service of washing”.

A simple, efficient interface for managing items and item families.

This module looks and behaves like a cash register, enabling you to make counter sales, issue customer invoices and track payments.

“The S.A.V.iez-vous?”

Ckwash offers a dedicated after-sales service interface that enables you to control, diagnose and troubleshoot your equipment remotely.

It is also a follow-up tool, offering real-time routing of after-sales service (return of workshop parts, breakdown management, dispatch / repair estimate, etc.).

Service that lets you view incidents, anomalies, alerts…

Ckwash equipment
Ckwash equipment

“Monitoring your station

If one of your connected peripherals (gantry, dispenser, control panel, etc.) malfunctions, you are immediately alerted by e-mail/SMS, so you can react as quickly as possible.

In the event of an alert, the messages sent contain information enabling the cause of the problem to be identified, and actions to be taken to resolve the problem detected.

“Ckwash, the solution to the 2016 Finance Law”.

Ck-wash is a system for managing electronic payment equipment and centralizing cash register data, to meet the requirements of inalterability, security, data storage and archiving for compliance with tax regulations.

When validating the eligibility of your electronic payment equipment for ck wash, an individual certificate of compliance will be issued and must be made available to the relevant departments on request.

Ckwash equipment
Ckwash equipment


Find out more about Ck-wash by logging on to our web/demo interface at the following address:


and navigate freely to access the various functionalities (promotion systems, Qr Code, graphical data, dashboards, activity statistics and analysis, loyalty tracking, checkout control).

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