• EVO centralized payment


    The customer selects his suction track and proceeds to payment.
    A remote button lights up on the chosen track and triggers suction.
    A second button on the track allows you to offer a second service (e.g. souflette).
    While a track is occupied, the corresponding button remains lit on the control unit to inform other users.


    Coin and token acceptor
    Contactless and mobile payment
    RFID badgic reader and others Barcode reader


    HAPPY HOURS: set up happy hours to energize normally off-peak times with special rates.
    CODES-BARRES: Propose a bar code with
    purchasing a program from the
    gantry payment.
    The ticket will be worth €2, for example.


    Led animations
    5-point locking
    Illuminated “PAYMENT” banner
    Second door opens from inside.