BUTTON DIAMETER 16mm, 19mm, 22mm

    CKSQUARE offers a wide range of vandal-resistant stainless steel knobs from 16mm to 22mm.
    Our buttons are self-connected for easy installation. We have designed a
    electronic board to incorporate a screw terminal block.
    This makes changing the knob simple and risk-free.

    Our knobs retain all the advantages of our know-how: the boards are tropicalized by us.
    Our catalog contains a wide choice of colors and 6v or 24v power supplies.
    Stainless steel knobs (IP 67)

    Can be engraved and many logos are available

  • Bollard shelter

    Protect Your Bollards and Your Customers with the CKSQUARE Bollard Shelter


    The CKSQUARE bollard shelter is designed to provide optimum protection for your equipment and enhanced comfort for your customers. Manufactured in white lacquered aluminum (RAL 9010), this sturdy shelter is designed for ground mounting, ensuring maximum stability.


    Easy installation: the shelter is easy to assemble, thanks to the included assembly kit. For efficient installation, it is recommended that two people participate in the assembly.


    Improved visibility: Equipped with a luminous banner, the shelter is clearly visible from afar, increasing the safety and accessibility of your station (requires a power source and RJ45 cable).


    Customization: adapt the shelter to your brand’s image with customizable stickers that you can affix to the walls, making your station unique and recognizable.


    Economical delivery: To minimize costs, the shelter is delivered on a standard pallet, making it easy to transport and receive.


    For more information on our shelters and how they can benefit your business, please contact us.


    The shelter is delivered on a standard pallet to keep costs down.


    Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Acceptor protection cover

    The new reinforced protection for your coiner by CKSQUARE

    This cover protects your acceptor from dust, moisture, weather and splashes.
    Made of polycarbonate, it is shock- and scratch-resistant.



    NV10 is simple to use and easy for the user to apply, guaranteeing a high level of acceptance for banknotes of different currencies. Specific manufacturing features guarantee strength and long life. Powerful, advanced anti-fishing device prevents any attempt at fraud. The high-speed motors of the new acceptance device allow banknote validation to be completed in 3 seconds.

    • High acceptance and safety rates.
    • Fluorescent sensor capable of analyzing non-visible features.
    • Easy to control: opening is done with buttons, no tools required.
    • Kevlar drive belts for easy bill sliding.
    • Metal front plate to fit perfectly with the frameworks already installed for the NV5 model with a standard front plate.
  • Coin acceptor – CKSQUARE M20 4k

    High-Performance Electronic Coin Changer: Designed for Demanding Environments


    This electronic coiner is renowned for its exceptional robustness and reliability, even in the most hostile environments. It combines unrivalled ease of programming, accessible at the touch of a button or via PC software, making it both practical and flexible to use.


    Adaptability and versatility: This system is fully compatible with most peripherals and initially operates in 6-channel parallel mode. For more specific use, it can be switched to CCTALK mode, enabling it to accept up to 16 different types of coin or token.


    Advanced durability: Thanks to a tropicalization process, this coiner offers superior resistance to corrosion. Its chassis, made of Noryl polymers, provides excellent protection against electromagnetic interference. What’s more, its three pairs of optical sensors ensure optimum discrimination, significantly reducing the risk of accepting counterfeit coins or competing tokens.


    Management innovation: The integrated cloning system enables fast, efficient transfer of configurations between devices, optimizing time in the field. This also ensures that the operator can easily manage a stock of spare coin changers, facilitating maintenance and upscaling of operations without significant disruption.


    Invest in this electronic coiner to ensure smooth, secure transaction management, while increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


    A stand-alone player


    The BadgicReader is a stand-alone loyalty reader using Mifare technology.

    With its small size and versatile design, the BadgicReader can be used for a wide range of applications. It’s a reader for reading cards or subscription keys.




    Universal renderer. Accepts coins and tokens (diameter: 16-31mm; thickness: 1.25-3.50 mm). Large storage capacity (1500 parts). Dispensing speed 270 tokens/minute.



    Gives change.
    6-tube return coiner
    MDB Communication


    Stainless steel protective cap

    This inviting shelter is ideal for your built-in token dispenser.

    Made in France from stainless steel. Available in plain or colored stainless steel.