Access to assistance

A technician from our support department will talk to you to determine the nature of the problem.

To find the answer to your question about a problem or the configuration of your terminal, pleaseconsult our FAQ page.

Technical support is available during office hours, Monday to Friday, at:
And also by e-mail:

Live remote assistance

Do you need to solve a technical problem quickly? Thanks to our remote assistance tool, one of our team members can view your desktop and take control of your mouse and keyboard to guide you towards a satisfactory solution.


Step 1: Before contacting a member of our support team, please download the software below.

Step 2: With your permission, the support technician can view your screen and share control of your mouse and keyboard.

Step 3: You never lose complete control of your computer. You always remain in control of your mouse and keyboard, and can end the split-screen session at any time.