MYOSIS L10M – The new payment center

A simple, robust and connected control unit!


The Myosis L10M payment center can manage 10 devices.
Wall-mounted or semi-recessed, its vandal-proof matrix keypad lets you select the machine number, then pay.

Its sturdy, ergonomic design, white epoxy-painted stainless steel case and reinforced locking system make it a reliable, long-lasting work tool.


Stay connected! Remote management allows you to :

  • Consult your sales and check transactions
  • Troubleshoot your customers remotely and receive alerts by e-mail, as well as your meters


Assets :

  • Ease of use and payment
  • An LCD display guides the customer
  • Contactless payment option makes payment quick and easy
  • The loyalty system option allows you to build customer loyalty and attract professionals.
  • Robust case and lock


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